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Welcome To CDTA League' 2019

  • Welcome To CDTA League' 2019
Jan 19, 2019

Dear Friends,
A warm Pongal Greetings.
I'm glad to connect with you as the much awaited CDTA Tennis League 2019 approaches us. The league started off in the year 1978 has grown stronger and vibrant with more venues, teams and players participating.

CDTA will be hosting the 41st League this year. This is the biggest tennis event conducted any where inside Tamil Nadu. The next 10 weeks ahead will be a great opportunity for players to make new friends, nurture old friendship and experience the hospitality of the home teams.

The geographical location of the tournament had also widened and its heartening to note more and more new clubs are participating in the league.

Jayakumar Ramdass
Jayakumar Ramdass
At this juncture I must recognise and congratulate CDTA Secretary Sathish, Vimal - RMM Technologies and Mathivanan for creating a fantastic website with information on players, venues and scores. Please log in to enjoy the experience and get yourself updated on league related news.

My special mention and thanks to our Tournament Director Mr.Krishnan who has been coordinating the entire event.

So, get ready friends, for another thrilling and exciting League 2019.

Wishing you and your team members the best for all the matches ahead.

Jayakumar Ramdass,
President, CDTA.