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The CDTA conducts League tournament every year for the past 40 years. It was started in the year 1978 and this 2019 league will be the 41st League conducted by CDTA. What started off as a small tournament with few players those days has now grown multi fold in terms of number of players participating and the geographical spread. This year 77 teams will be participating in the tournament under 7 Divisions (Division A to G). A total number of 763 tennis players will be showcasing their game in the tournament which spans from Jan 19th till March 31st. No other city in Tamilnadu hosts a tennis tournament at such magnitude.

The players are from Coimbatore, Pollachi & Tirupur Districts. Matches are played only during the weekends. The two captains decide to play the matches on Saturday or Sunday which is usually the choice of the Home Team. Matches are played both morning and evening and the choice of session is based on the hosting team or as mutually agreed. There are 3 matches played between the teams. All the matches are doubles. Each match is played as best of 3 sets.

One point is allotted to each winning match and the Winner and Runner up in each division are declared based on maximum points taken. Soon after the tournament we organise a prize distribution ceremony where all the players of winners and runners up are recognised with shields and cups. This year the League tournament starts on 19th January 2019.

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